Tank Water Heaters

Without reliable access to hot water, your home would quite simply be unlivable. That’s why it’s so important to have a high–quality, reliable water heater in place. Even during the hottest times of the year, you need hot water for bathing, cooking and washing. And if your tank water heater becomes suddenly unreliable, you cannot afford to ignore the situation.

Whether you’re interested in a new system installation or your current system is in need of service, the Stockton, CA area tank water heater experts at Lovotti Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience required to install tank water heaters and make sure they operate as efficiently as possible for many years.

Tank Water Heater Fuel Types

When you’re picking out a new water heater, one of the first things you should take into account is the type of fuel your water heater will use. Gas is by far the most popular choice because of its relatively low cost and the fact that most gas–powered tank water heaters are quite energy efficient.

However, if you don’t have access to natural gas in your area, you can still get an excellent oil or electric tank water heater. Because electricity is typically more expensive than gas, it will probably cost you more to run an electric tank water heater. But these units are still very energy efficient and effective. The same holds true for oil, so no matter what your fuel options are, you should have no trouble finding a high–quality, energy efficient tank water heater.

Additionally, electric tank water heaters require maintenance less often than their gas or oil counterparts, and they usually last a bit longer. While these benefits will not wholly offset the higher cost of electricity, they make it less frustrating for those who do go with an electric model.

Water Heater Tank Size

Another thing to keep in mind as you explore your tank water heater options is how large of a tank you actually need. The key is to get a tank big enough to satisfy all of your hot water needs without spending extra to heat water that you will never use. Estimating just how much hot water you use at once is challenging, but our experts are highly experienced at doing just that.

We’ll help you come up with a useful and realistic number based on the types of tasks you carry out each day and the time of day that you engage in them. We’ll also take into account the types of fixtures you have and may recommend that you switch to newer, more energy efficient models to help keep your overall hot water usage down. There have been many advances in shower nozzle, kitchen faucet, and washing machine technology to minimize hot water use.

Tank Water Heater Experts

When you hire Lovotti Air, you’ll get quality work from start to finish. We’re proud to offer full tank water heater installation, maintenance and repair services to our customers all over the Greater Stockton and Modesto, California area and we would be glad to count you among them. Give us a call today so we can answer any questions you may have about our many great products and services or set up an appointment.



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