Stockton, CA Water Leak Detection by Lovotti Air

While a leaking faucet or a drip under your sink can be easy enough to find, other times it can be extraordinarily difficult to find. Do not attempt to pinpoint or fix a leak on your own. Lovotti Air provides fast and accurate water leak detection in Stockton, CA. Our plumbers have access to some of the most advanced equipment in the plumbing industry in order to find leaks anywhere on your property, as well as to complete any necessary water leak repair properly. Water leaks can cause a lot of property damage, so make sure that you call us the moment you suspect that you might a water leak on your property. Whether it’s a slab leak, faucet leak, water heater leak or any other kind, our Stockton water leak detection experts can handle your water leak repair with the swiftness and quality service you deserve. Call us today with any questions that you might have and to talk with one of our highly trained plumbers.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional water leak detection service throughout the Stockton, CA area.

Signs You Need Water Leak Detection in Stockton, CA

Any piece of equipment that handles as much water as your plumbing system does is bound to develop leaks. But because the majority of your plumbing is installed behind your walls or floors it makes it difficult to tell if you have water leaks, let alone to access and fix a leak. However, there are some signs to watch and listen for that could indicate that you need to call for water leak detection.

  • Drop in water pressure – The water that comes into your home from your utility company is under pressure in order to travel through your pipes and out your fixtures and appliances. If you experience a drop in water pressure it could be that you have a water leak somewhere.

  • Sound of running water – Another way that many homeowners discover that they have a water leak is by listening for it. If all your appliances and fixtures are turned off but you still hear water running it could be because of water leaks.

  • Warm basement floor – If you notice that your basement floor is warm to the touch, it might be because the water line passing through the cement slab is leaking. If you need repair for slab leaks in Stockton, CA just call Lovotti Air.

  • Lush vegetation – If you see that certain areas of your yard are lusher than others it could be that you have a water leak in the ground that is providing more nourishment to those plants.

  • Soggy patches – Do you have soggy patches of your yard for no reason? It might be from a water leak.

How Our Stockton, CA Water Leak Detection Experts Find Leaks

Our plumbers have a variety of tools that they use to find leaks in your home or around your property. Our Stockton water leak detection technicians have years of experience working with all types of plumbing equipment and specialize in quickly finding leaks throughout any size of home.

  • Flashlight – Sometimes the old tried–and–true method works best. Getting to those hard to reach areas with a flashlight is often what our plumbers have to do to find the leaks in your home.

  • Infrared leak detection – Using infrared leak detection equipment allows our water leak detection technicians to quickly find and fix a leak in any area of your home.

  • Ultrasonic leak detection – With an ultrasonic leak detector, it actually allows our plumbers to hear the faint hissing noises caused when water leaks out of pipes. The sound produced by small leaks is too high of a frequency for our ears to detect on their own. An ultrasonic leak detector allows us to quickly find leaks using sound so that we can complete your water leak repair as soon as possible.



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