Stockton, CA Septic Tanks by Lovotti Air

Lovotti Air is proud to provide total septic tank service in Stockton, CA. Whether you need to have a new one installed in your home or if you need any kind of service for your existing system, just give us a call. Our Stockton septic service technicians have years of experience working with countless customers to help them with all sorts of services for their septic tanks. Here at Lovotti Air, we are a different kind of plumbing company. We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction and to the quality of work that we do. That’s why our Stockton septic tank technicians are so highly trained and why we’ve become so successful over the last years. Call us today if you need any kind of service for your septic tank.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional septic system service throughout the Stockton, CA area, including septic tank installation, repair and maintenance.

Common Repairs for Septic Systems in Stockton, CA

Just like any other plumbing component, your home’s septic system can run into a variety of problems. If you’re having any problems with your system, call Lovotti Air for septic pump service in Stockton, CA.

  • Leech field problems – Your septic system uses bacteria to break down the solid waste and then disposes of it by leeching into a series of pipes buried under your property. Clogs in the pipes leading from the tank to the leech field can cause big issues for your septic pump. If your drains are constantly clogging, you hear gurgling noises from your sinks or drains, or if you smell any foul odors from around your property, it could be that your leech field is having problems.

  • Type of septic tanks – Some septic tanks are simply a large chamber that fills up with sludge. If it gets too full, it can cause problems for your home’s plumbing system.

  • Bacterial issues – If the leech field in your home is too deep, the bacteria growing there may not have access to enough oxygen which can grow slime that clogs the pipes.

Why Get Professional Septic Service in Stockton, CA?

Your septic system has to deal with all of the solid waste from your home which is a huge responsibility. Don’t let an amateur or non–professional perform any repairs or cleaning on your septic tank as this could cause further damage and future problems for your system. Lovotti Air offers total septic tank repair for all types and brands of systems. If you need septic tank installation, we can handle the job as well. We can even help you pick out a new septic tank if you’re not sure which size, brand or type of unit your home needs. Amateur service can lead to an increase in repairs, poor performance and early replacement. Call Lovotti Air today for professional septic service in Stockton, CA.

Call Lovotti Air for Septic Systems Service in Stockton, CA

Here at Lovotti Air, our Stockton septic system experts have all the training and years of experience to be able to provide you with high quality, timely and affordable septic system service. No matter what kind of issues you’re having we’ll respond quickly to your call for service and be able to help you with any problems you’re having. When you need septic tank pumping, septic tank installation or septic tank repair, we are the company to call.



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