Stockton, CA Automatic Shutoff Valve Service by Lovotti Air

Damage to homes because of flooding can be catastrophic. If you or anyone that you know has ever come home from work or vacation to find their home flooded from a burst pipe knows how destructive water can be. That’s why an automatic shutoff valve is a great investment for homeowners looking to potentially protect their home from any sudden water leaks in their plumbing system. These types of devices constantly monitor the flow of water into your home or into an appliance and automatically shut off the flow of water if they detect a flow that is greater than the pre–set amount. Lovotti Air offers automatic shutoff valve service in Stockton, CA for all types and brands of products. Whether you need a new unit installed or if your current shutoff valve needs repairs. Call us today to talk with one of our expert plumbers about any service that you need for your emergency shut off valve.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional automatic shutoff valve service throughout the Stockton, CA area, including seismic shut off valve service.

How an Automatic Shutoff Valve Works: Tips from the Stockton, CA Experts

Water leaks from appliances like your water heater, laundry machine or from one of your pipes can happen at any time and are most destructive when they happen while you’re away. An emergency shut off valve allows homeowners to protect their property against sudden water leaks. There are several different types of the market and the Stockton automatic shutoff valve technicians at Lovotti Air can help you figure out which type or brand of unit is right for your home.

  • Connectors – If you’ve ever looked behind your toilet or your washing machine then you’ve probably notice some braded tubes that bring fresh water to your appliances. Those connectors are often the source of major water leaks, which is why many companies offer automatic shutoff connectors that require no batteries or electrical outlets to operate. Instead, when the flow of water increases past a certain point the valve will shut off.

  • Electric emergency shut off valves – These kinds of emergency shut off valves need a source of electricity like batteries or an outlet. They can be installed on particular appliances like your laundry machine or water heater where they continually monitor the flow of water into the appliance and shut it down if it becomes too high.

Seismic Shut Off Valve in Stockton, CA

Another type of shut off valve that Lovotti Air offers complete service for is seismic shut off valves. Instead of shutting off the flow of water, seismic shut off valves automatically turn off the flow of natural gas to your home in the event of an earthquake. Living in California, we all have felt our share of earthquakes and witnessed the destruction that they can cause. By automatically turning off the flow of gas into your home during an earthquake, you could be able to keep your home and your family safe. Call Lovotti Air today to talk with one of our experts about our seismic shut off valve installation, repair and maintenance services in Stockton, CA.



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